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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Concert Review — Rock Fight V

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Rock Fight V at Channel 27 and the Launchpad

This event was split into two parts — the first two hours were in the studios of Albuquerque Comcast Channel 27 (6-8 PM), followed by bands on stage at the Launchpad (9 PM — ?)

I arrived at Ch.27 at around 6:30 PM. When I got there, the band Vital Signs was on stage in Studio A (the big, three-camera one) — they were OK instrumentally, but their vocal track wasn’t audible at all. (This was a problem for the rest of the acts at Ch.27, as well.)

Next up was Zack Freeman, Channel 27’s programming director, in Studio B (the small, one camera studio that I always use). Zack’s an OK guy, it’s just that I’m not a hip-hop guy. Sorry. Still, Zack had problems with the vocal track — John Ortiz (Ch.27’s technical director) informed Zack of the problem, but he couldn’t get it working.

Zack was followed by another hip-hop act, Occasional Detroit, in Studio B — again, the lack of a vocal track. This was getting really annyoing. I asked Ortiz, “Are they supposed to have a vocal track?”

Bonnie Greathouse was up next in Studio B, singing and ranting, with Zack Freeman doing “beatboxing” (did I get that right? Not that it matters — I don’t pay to see hip-hop acts, so “mox mix.”) The vocals were slightly better, but not by much.

By the way, who was the brain surgeon who scheduled three hip-hop acts on a headbanger show? That’s like putting a mariachi band on the stage of a polka show (or vice versa).

When Insecticide’s set was done, the gear at Channel 27 was broken down, and the show moved over to the Launchpad. The cover charge was 5 FRN. Beers at the Launchpad are a bit on the pricey side — 2 FRN for a Budweiser or Bud Light, 4 FRN for a Heinecken, etc. At least the guy working the mixer board had the vocals set up right.

First up on the Launchpad’s stage were the Kansas City Chiefs. No, I’m not making this up — Mike Trujillo, the event organizer and host of Channel 27 show Zero Hour Squared, is a fan of the football team this band is named after. They dressed in jerseys that look like those worn by the team on-field, one guy was wearing a red hard-hat with the team logo, etc. It’s good they were on first, as (in my opinion) they sucked diseased donkey dick — there’s no way that I’d pay to see them if it was just them on stage. Best to get their set done and over with as soon as possible.

Anyway, I tried to find their Myspace page, Yahoo! page, something, anything using Google, but all of the hits that came up were for – ready for this – the football team. Small surprise there.

After the Kansas City Chiefs (mercifully) ended their set, Zack Freeman was up again. As I said before, I’m not really into the hip-hop genre, so I waited until the next act . . .

Suspended, a three-girl thrash metal band from Albuquerque, were pretty good (instrumentally), and the lead guitarist was cute. Still while the vocals were working at the Launchpad, Suspended’s vocals were more of the “screamo” or “death metal” guttural-growl variety than anything else. Which is too bad, and a waste of whatever vocal talent their singer has.

After Suspended was Kaotic State, who have reportedly been on the Albuquerque scene since 1995. While Suspended’s lyrics were mostly the death-metal growl, that’s ALL that comprised Kaotic State’s lyrics. The highlight of their set were the two drunk guys that kept going at it in the “mosh pit” (in friendly sort of way, of course) — the taller, skinny guy kept getting knocked on his ass, over and over again.

As for death metal, I suspect that these style of “lyrics” started with Slayer and Pantera, and expanded from there. I think that they think it sounds Satanic or demonic somehow, but to me it sounds like some kind of respiratory disorder.

Anyway, I left in the middle of Kaotic State’s set (11:45 PM).

Still, if your ears are still ringing the next day, it’s not a total waste — remember, you get what you pay for. What should I have expected for 6 FRN (I dropped a buck in the bucket at Ch.27)?

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