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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

TV Review — Doctor Who — Blink

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Television show review –

Doctor Who – The Complete Third Series

Blink is “only” to be a “filler” episode, but it’s one of the best episodes of the “Third Series.” Hell, it’s one of the best episodes of the Tenth Doctor’s tenure (played by David Tennant). Doctor Who is like the Star Trek and Stargate franchises in that the story quality bounces all over the place – one episode (or novel or comic or anything else) it’s fantastic, and the next one can be total crap. (SighYes, I know that Straczynski is working on new Babylon 5 material, but still . . .)

Some examples of the lousy side of the Tenth Doctor’s reign –

Gridlock – The Doctor and Martha go to “New Earth,” and find the population locked up in a thirty-year-long traffic jam, with a car moving a few feet being an occasion for its driver to celebrate, and people having kids while stuck in the jam.

The Lazarus Experiment – Professor Richard Lazarus hosts a cocktail party, the highlight of which is the part where he steps into a “genetic manipulator” booth, and steps out a few minutes later looking forty years younger. A short while later, it turns out the experiment went wrong, and he turns into a giant spider / scorpion creature that sucks the life out of people so he can continue to survive. This episode goes wrong on so many levels, it’s hard to know where to begin.

I’m digressing here – back to Blink (Spoiler follows).

Blink is about a group of murderous aliens known as “Weeping Angels” or “Lonely Assassins.” They are unable to move while anyone is watching them. When anyone is looking at them, they’re frozen in place – “quantum-locked” – and appear as gargoyles and other statuary. It’s only when you’re NOT looking at them that they can move – if you turn your head, blink your eyes (hence the title), fall asleep, etc., that’s when they move in for the kill.

This episode worked not only on the basis of a novel approach to the bad guys, but that it was shot from the viewpoint of someone who wasn’t a companion of the Doctor, and only meets him and Martha at the very end of the episode.

I had one real quibble with Blink – the “Angels” “kill” by casting their victims back in time, and feeding on a person’s time energy, expressed as the days that person would have lived out had they not been cast back in time by the “Angel.” This seems like a rather inefficient method of killing and/or feeding.


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