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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Book Review — Time Storms, by Jenny Randles

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Book review –

Time Storms, by Jenny Randles

Time Storms takes a fresh look at parts of phenomena such as UFO close encounters, “missing time” and “alien abductions” – rather than insist that the reader see them as alien intelligences at work, Randles sees them as naturally-occurring breaks in the space-time continuum. Most people think that such breaches could only occur in deep space (outside Earth’s atmosphere, at the very least) or such events would cause widespread destruction if they happened on the Earth’s surface – people and objects being torn to shreds by gravitational tidal forces, irradiated by ionizing radiation, for example. Randles posits that they happen on a semi-regular basis on the Earth’s surface, as people have driven through them and come out the other side with no long-term ill effects.

Randles makes a decent attempt to apply proven physics to back up her premise, but she does flub it up a little. For example, she mistakes the perception of time “moving slowly” as an actual slowdown, similar to that which happens with relativistic time dilation.

While this is a new (and welcome!) approach to examining “paranormal” phenomena, and Randles provides plenty of case reports as evidence, Randles needs to be a little more lively in her presentation. Time Storms is a collection of case stories, and it reads like a pile of incident reports – very plodding at times. The basic premise is an easy one for science-fiction readers to grasp, yet Randles manages to make it boring. Perhaps she should consult with Stephen Baxter and / or Peter F. Hamilton for her next book?


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