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Thursday, 12 October 2006

My Tao of Blogging

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How many different blog services are out there?! So far, I’m on Yahoo, but I haven’t used that one much at all because Yahoo! 360 sucks. Myspace [1] is my default one right now, and while I do have a LiveJournal one, I haven’t used it much. I do maintain a Yahoo email list as an email blog, which works really well for me.

Usually when I set one up, I leave the appearance settings alone — white background, black text, etc. I know that some may consider it “boring,” but so what? I was on dial-up[2] for what seems like forever, and all of the stuff that people think looks “hot” (I think it looks like shit) eats up download time like crazy for those of us on dial-up. Y’all know what I’m talking about — the multi-colored / graphic / backgrounds, the animated stuff, the videos that start playing as the page is loading, etc., etc.

Then there’s the morons who put up a page where the text is the same color as the backgrounds. That kind of stupidity deserves its own paragraph. What can I say about them that isn’t self-evident?

Other thoughts: I have NO sympathy for those that use “text lingo” in their blog posts and web pages, etc. I can put up with stuff like “lol” “ty” “how r u” “yw” in email messages (I’m guilty of that myself a bit!  and while chatting (especially in chat rooms), but for blogs and websites?! Give me a break!

I’m not at all impressed with those who swear all the time, especially those who drop “F-bombs” like a B-52 carpet-bombing North Vietnam. C’mon folks — the more you use profanity, the less effect it has each time you use it. Especially the word “fuck” (which I agree is extremely versatile).

The absolute worst are the people who TyPe LiKe ThIs — WhAt Is ThE FuCkInG PoInT of that?

Finally, would it really do any harm for all of these people to learn some modicum of spelling, grammar, or capitalization — you know, proper English? (ALL-CAPS and all-lower-case gets old in five minutes. PLEASE learn to use the [Shift] key. For me? Please?)


  1. This was originally written in October, 2006 — I’ve since switched to blogging here.
  2. I was on dial-up from 1988 until the middle of 2005, and I never got close to 56K on Zianet — I was lucky to get 28.8K – usually I got 24-26K. Flashnet (since bought out by Prodigy, last I heard), NMIA and Qwest (before their internet service was taken over by MSN) were about the same. GRRRR. If you’re paying for 56K, then you should get 56K (or at least close to 56K). Prodigy and Compuserve were trash too, but that was the days before the web and inter-ISP email. Compuserve once changed the dialing number without telling me, and also changed my password without telling me. Nice job, people! Earthlink insisted that I use their proprietary browser and email client. Luckily, I had all of my bookmarks and email backed up. So far, I have no complaints about Comcast’s service — most of the problems I have there concern the wireless connection between this laptop and the router that’s connected to the cable modem.
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    1. Personal blogs – Myspace / Xanga

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