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Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Casting Call

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The Weekly Sedition will be returning to the wires (cable- and web-cast) on Albuquerque starting in January 2007. Smart-Ass Host Rev. Mike Blessing is seeking a co-host, to start on 3 January 2007.


Sense of humor
Lives within 10 miles of Albuquerque’s Civic Plaza
Able to keep Wednesday nights open
Able to think on your feet
Ability and willingness to stand up for yourself and others you’re allied with
Learns fast from mistakes of self and others, and seeks not to repeat those mistakes.
Literate, computer and otherwise.
Connected to the internet on a semi-regular basis
Has a reliable mode of transportation
Has a reliable way to be contacted by myself and others.
Willing to go on camera on live TV
Refrains from profanity when necessary
Ability to apply the Zero Aggression Principle to issues of the day

Contact Mike Blessing for details, or to apply for the position. Applications will NOT be accepted if posted as comments to this blog entry.


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