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Saturday, 2 September 2006

Will Work For Food — Franchises Still Available!

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Franchises Still Available!

Yes!!! Make Big $$$ (Tax Free) With Your Very Own “Will Work For Food” Franchise

We Supply:

The Cardboard Sign, The Prime Location, The Thrift Store Clothing


A Special 90 Minute Tape Called “How To Look Homeless”

Say Goodbye To That Dead-End Job

Call Today — Operators Are Standing By

Call 1-800-RIP-UOFF NOW!

Until the end of the month, we will include a wooden crutch, at no extra cost just in case some asshole actually asks you to do some work.

May God Bless

(This would also be a good opportunity for Socialists, Greens, Communists and other progressive types to spread the word about their organizations. Think about it – while you’re out and about conducting business, you could be passing out party literature and registering voters. Don’t forget that it shows your solidarity with the poor and commitment to the struggle!)


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