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Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Cleaning out, updating, and a note of thanks

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Recently, I’ve been cleaning out my blog here, deleting the posts that aren’t relevant any more, have outdated information, that sort of thing. The ones that are still relevant will end up getting reposted, only this time, I’ll save the URL link, and create a TinyURL link for each one so I can refer to it and repost it in other forums as needed.

Anyway, in the middle of this, I’ve been chatting with someone special, someone I’ve come to care a good bit about in the last two years, and she made me realize that I do have a bit of a wild side, which is something thatI had never thought of until this weekend. (See these files and my blog for details. You had better be over 18. So says government.)

I’m definitely game for seeing more of her, as she also helped me to realize that my political side is something of an outgrowth of some things that happened to me during my adolescence. I don’t know how to thank her for this, but look forward to doing my best.

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Updates — 5 October 2007

Above, where it says “create a .. link,” it was supposed to have the link for the .. site — w w w (dot) t i n y u r l (dot) c o m (take out the spaces and replace the “(dot)” with “.” to have a working URL), as the Myspace system nukes redirect links created at .. — just like it nukes the pound sign in URLs (the “tic-tac-toe” symbol), and turns any link that does survive into a “” redirect — all to stop the spammers.

And it hasn’t worked in the slightest.

Fuckin’ A — it even removes the word t i n y u r l

Here it is again — just to piss ’em off —

w w w (dot) t i n y u r l (dot) c o m


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