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Sunday, 6 August 2006

Lance Klafeta, Republican for District 18 State Representative

Lance Klafeta, Republican for District 18 State Representative — 505-553-9853


Dear Restaurant / Bar Owner, Employee or Patron,

I am as outraged as I am certain you are at the draconian proposals before the Legislature that threaten to make felons of workers for making honest errors on the job and to deprive owners of their property without due process of law, all in the name of protecting us from drunk drivers.

The backers of these proposals, like all do-gooders, began with reasonable proposals aimed at making us all feel safer. When they achieved their original goals, did they disband? No! They were emboldened to demand more and more and will not stop until they have repealed the 21st Amendment!

The proposed laws represent the essence of totalitarian rule. Since no bar can stay in business serving each customer no more than one or two drinks, the amount to bring an average person’s blood alcohol to the legal limit, no such establishment could legally operate. It then becomes the prerogative of law enforcement to shut down any establishment at will. To selectively enforce a law everyone is in violation of gives the politicians through law enforcement absolute power of life and death over any establishment.

As an independent contractor with Yellow Cab, my livelihood is also threatened by these proposals. Many of my passengers take a cab because they intend to drink more than the legal limit. Whether my passengers are a couple celebrating an anniversary or college kids blowing off steam after exams, they are drinking to excess responsibly, and since the passage of the 21st Amendment, it is their right to do so. Have we forgotten how many people died as a result of Prohibition?

As your Representative in Santa Fe, I will stand up to the do-gooders and busy bodies who lie awake at night thinking of ways to take away our freedom in the name of what Robespierre called “Public Safety.” Never forget that those who are willing to trade freedom for security will soon find that they have neither.

I thank you in advance for your support and hope to see everyone at our fundraising event at Kelly’s Brew Pub at 3222 Central Avenue, August 27, between 1:00 and 3:00 PM.


Lance Klafeta


Join the Committee to Elect Lance Klafeta State Representative in District 18, at Kelly’s Brew Pub at 3222 Central Avenue on Sunday, August 27, between 1:00 and 3:00 PM.

Candidate Lance Klafeta will speak about his “Freedom First” campaign and against the newly proposed draconian laws threatening to make criminals of service workers for making honest mistakes on the job and deprive business owners of their property without due process of law.

A contribution of $20 or more to the Committee entitles the bearer to help themselves to Kelly’s Famous Taco Bar. There will be a cash bar. Supporters are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance so that yard signs may be printed before the event. Tickets are available at the Bernalillo County Republican Party or by calling 505-553-9853.

The turn-out at Kelly’s was rather disappointing — I was hoping for about twenty people, when only eight showed up. The food was pretty good, though.

Lance gave a decent speech, explaining how he’s a Republican because he wants to cut taxes and government regulations. He’s also involved with the locally-based Center for Family Justice, an organization that helps people who have been hosed and screwed overby the Family Courts and the Children, Youth and Families Department of State Government.

Lance will be a guest on The Weekly Sedition on Wednesday, 20 September, to discuss his campaign.

Lance has been a guest on Hemp TV, on which he stated his support for medical marijuana, and is working with Leslie Cumiford for the Center for Family Justice.


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