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Friday, 17 August 2001

[S2K4] Re: FWD: Rebuttal to Statements in: Blueprint for Ending Gun Control

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— In smith2004-discuss@y…, L. Neil Smith wrote:

Dear Nicholas:

Please show me the specific sections of the Constitution that authorize social security, federal highways, or national parks. Not being able to do so, I assume, and being committed, as you implied, to the rule of law, I assume you will then change your position on these items and help us put an end to all forms of socialism.

Watch the interstate commerce clause come out faster than Superman out of a phone booth. Followed up by a “You can’t totally get rid of the government, now!”

Why the hell not?

Forget about giving them 24 hours to clear out of town. They should leave under the direct supervision of an armed populace.

Waiting for The American Zone . . . .

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