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Thursday, 16 August 2001

[S2K4] Re: chotchkes

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“Forget about Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah and Jesus. _My_ household gods are Edmund Heckler, Theordor Koch, Alexis Seidel and Gaston Glock. And _of course_ Miss September.”
– Rex Nulla

You . . . you . . . you heretic Mike!

Damn right!

Why can’t you properly worship at the altar of John Moses Browning, Dieudonné Saive, Charles Peters & Miss July 98 like everybody else?!? ;o)

The Glock pistols have significant improvements over the Browning designs. Plus in my experience they work better off the shelf, without any customizing. Why should I pay 1500 FRN for a reliable M1911 when I can get something just as good for 600 FRN from Glock GmbH?

On battle rifles: the only ‘rifle’ that Browning designed was the BAR, which he intended to be used more as a squad-level light machine gun. The H&K G-3 series are better for the American individual citizen-soldier (-guerrilla?) in the current situation, as they might not have access to rapid ammo resupply as you would in a government-funded military org. With the HK-91s, FN-FALs, or M-1As they can get ammo resupply from other side’s machinegunners.

Dieudonn&eactue; Saive, Charles Peters

Who were / are these people?

Miss July 98

Send me a picture (.jpg format preferred) and I’ll forward it to Rex for consideration. Redheads with “assault weapons” are the best candidates for deity status.

“Revere the holy places. Strip joints and shooting ranges top the list.”– Rex Nulla

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