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Tuesday, 14 August 2001

[S2K4] Re: Michael Moore

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Daniel Weiner wrote:


If you have ever been in someone’s house and seen shelves of useless knicknacks like porcelain sharks or vampires on bicycles or fuzzy dolphins or smelly overdecorated candles, and wondered why intheflamingfuckinghell the idiot wasted his/her/its hard earned money buying this . . . this dreck, you were looking at chotchkes. Straight women and gay men are particularily fond of this kind of crap, though they are hardly the only ones to indulge . . .

Neil, THANK YOU for asking the question that was on my mind, too.

I wouldn’t buy this shit, but considering the money that people spend on it, I wouldn’t mind *selling* it.

Viva la Chia Pet!

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