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Monday, 6 August 2001

[EMAIL] [S2K4] VP Candidates / Russell Means

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Anyone that I would support and/or vote for for president would be someone for whom I would trust to pick a VP running-mate. Otherwise I wouldn’t support nor vote for that person. And if that person picked someone I can’t stand, say Neil picked Hillary Clinton, I wouldn’t vote for the ticket. As for what the D’s and R’s currently do? I could care less. Just my $0.02

Can we cross the VP bridge when we get to it? If Neil gets the LP nomination, the LP has a specific procedure for selecting a vice-presidential candidate. If Neil doesn’t goes the independent route, then the choice is up to him. Either way, it’s still over a year in the future.

Russell Means – At the moment, he’s my problem (or opportunity). Let those of us on the ground in New Mexico worry about him.

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