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Monday, 6 August 2001

[EMAIL] [S2K4] VP Candidates / Russell Means

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Anyone that I would support and/or vote for for president would be someone for whom I would trust to pick a VP running-mate. Otherwise I wouldn’t support nor vote for that person. And if that person picked someone I can’t stand, say Neil picked Hillary Clinton, I wouldn’t vote for the ticket. As for what the D’s and R’s currently do? I could care less. Just my $0.02

Can we cross the VP bridge when we get to it? If Neil gets the LP nomination, the LP has a specific procedure for selecting a vice-presidential candidate. If Neil doesn’t goes the independent route, then the choice is up to him. Either way, it’s still over a year in the future.

Russell Means – At the moment, he’s my problem (or opportunity). Let those of us on the ground in New Mexico worry about him.

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[S2K4] Re: Some things the Libertarians could do . . .

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Try talking with the Right about such issues as the atrocities at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Donald Scott or subjects such as the Shirley Allen siege or the Carl Drega tragedy and you’ll find a lot of well-informed folks who share your outrage (and the desire to do something about it).

Bring up such subjects with so-called liberals and what you’ll get, at best, is indifference. At worst, you’ll get a bunch of gov’t apologists who bought into the lamestream media’s demonization of any group this criminal conspiracy, which calls itself “our” gov’t, decides to target for destruction. Hell, I’ve even had people on the Left tell me they applauded the gov’t’s actions during the Waco massacre because they despise Christians and those who “stockpile weapons”!! I wonder if these asswipes would be so goddamned blase if the gov’t decided to conduct wholesale murder against a bunch of New Age Goddess worshippers? Along the same vein, I’ve heard others on the Left comparing those in the Militia Movement to organized crime entities like La Cosa Nostra,the Cali Cartel, the Triads or the Organizatsiya, when they’re not confusing them (intentionally?) with terrorist groups such as the Aryan Nations,the Order or the Klan, despite all facts to the contrary (things such as facts seldom seem to matter to the Left).

Plus they tell you that they want to have a forum to discuss said militia movement, but when you show up, they try to slam the door in your face. I did just this to Morris Dees on 28 June 1995. When you try to explain things like the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to them, they look at you like you’re asking them to sell you their kids.

This is where Bob Glass’ Tyranny Response Team comes in.

I had another one come to one of LPNM’s Liberty Forums back in Jan 1996 and ask me, “Would you give up your guns if the government gave up theirs first?” After I openly laughed at him, he said , “No I’m serious. Would you?”

Now the foregoing does NOT mean that the Right doesn’t have it’s fair share of warts(just listen to talk show hosts like that asshole Michael Savage – Next to him, Ken Hamblin sounds like Brian Wilson!!). It’s just that from my experience, those on the Right can be extremely tolerant when they find out that you’re armed (and especially when you’re a better shot!!)

I think that they think of us as just another branch of “the conservative family.” At least that’s what they refer to me as – despite the fact that everything I post might as well have “libertarian” screaming out at them in 1-inch-high bold type. Oh well – I really don’t care what they call me as long as they spell my name right. (Is it too much to hope for that they pass on my links?)

And unlike the Marxists, they aren’t likely to rat you out to the cops when you make them pay the consequences for fucking with you i.e. they can vandalize your car because it’s sporting a “Alan Keyes for Prez” bumper sticker but if you decide to push their faces in for their lack of consideration for your property rights (notice how they only chant “people before property” when it’s your ownership rights that are being violated?), they go screaming to the fuzz. Damned ironic, since these are the same assholes who claim they hate cops yet they’re the first ones to scream for police protection when the shit hits the fan!!!

Since when have they bothered to wait until you tried an on-the-spot correction of their attitudes towards your property to wait to call the cops on you? It’s been my experience that the more obnoxious ones will do so just on seeing you carrying your pistol in plain view. “Oh my god he’s got a gun!” – so much for their professed belief in atheism.

I even had one blatantly retarded female tell me that if things ever go to hell, she and her friends are heading to my place since I’m known to be a gun owner. Yet, this is one of the same indivduals who thinks I’m a few cans short of a six-pack because I’m (in their perception) a “Suvivalist”. I retorted by inquiring what the hell makes me obligated to helping those who refuse to help themselves?

They want their cake (and ours) and to eat it, too. Just now I got a phone call from Jim Baca’s campaign office asking for money. (Baca’s the idiot gun bigot mayor here who’s running for re-election. They think of us as simply a resource when we have something they want, and to hell with what we want, or think.

Furthermore,since me and my friends are the only ones who are armed, what’s to prevent us from enslaving her and her rabbit friends (I usually encounter stunned silence at this point…)? I guess the Non-Aggression Principle (as well as all other aspects of Libertarianism)along with common sense and rational thought is an alien concept to her…

Hey, she’s the one that wants protection services from you. You have the inherent right to demand whatever services you want in exchange. (Although I wouldn’t let them in the house – that’s the best way to have it cleaned out.) Since they’re not likely to be carrying gold coins or supplies, you’ll have to use your imagination.

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[EMAIL] [S2K4] Smurf & Weasel

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— In smith2004-discuss, “Scott Bieser” wrote:

A bit off-topic but not completely ….

What I’d like to know is, is this deal dead enough that we can rescind the boycott, or not? (I’m in the market for a good wheel gun, as soon as I get paid some money owed to me.)

I’ve been boycotting them since 1998, when I traded a Smurf & Weasel M3914 for a Glock 17. I haven’t looked back, and I’m not going to.

“The meek will inherit the Earth when they stop being pussies and take back what is theirs by birthright.” — Angel Shamaya


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bomb gun firearm steak knife Allah Aryan airline hijack

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