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Thursday, 19 July 2001

[S2K4] Re: Addition to book line

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Hello, Mike!

Thanks for the idea, Mr Blessing. I agree with Tom, however, and for selfish reasons of my own. I have never collected a _dime_ in royalties from the New York publishers of my books (except Lando when I threatened to sue). Somehow it always seems to work out that way. When that changes, I’ll let people know.

Mountain Media and Mazel Freedom Press, however, are run by friends of mine with whom I’ve seen the elephant (and the donkey). They pay me what they owe me on time and I love working with them. So if Tom (whom I trust just as implicitly) wants to limit this effort to _Lever Action_ from the former, or possibly include _Hope_ from the latter, I think he’s wise to do so.

What about just buying books, planting them as I’m doing tomorrow, and sending the receipt on to Tom as proof of donation? (If I can find my receipt…)


I’m putting the following URLs on the inside back-cover on a business card:

Smith 2004 — Give’em “L!”

L. Neil Smith’s Webley Page

The Libertarian Enterprise

(The way I posted it here illustrates the way I made up the cards.) is the book’s website, along with ordering info.

Other ways to spread the word:

Special-order _Lever Action_ from your local bookstore. When they get your copy, they’ll order a few extras. I spec-ordered _Unintended Consequences_ back in 1995 at Page One and it was on the shelves for about three years after I got my copy. Since none of the other bookstores in the area had it listed when I called, I can only assume that it was my order that started it there.

Offer _Lever Action_ as a door prize on TV and radio shows, at gun shows, and other such PR offerings.

What about straight-text copies of your various essays, Neil? These could be printed out on a B&W printer and run off by the dozens on the local Kinko’s B&W copier for a few bucks. A copy of the receipt could then be sent to Tom, along with a note of explanation. This in addition to reposting them to various email lists, message boards, and newsgroups.

Drop copies in the waiting rooms at doctor’s and dentist’s offices, automotive shops, etc., – places where people have time on their hands and nothing to do? It would give them a change from six-month-old copies of Time and Newsweek.

– Mike Blessing / The Sedition Group

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