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Thursday, 17 May 2001

[S2K4] Re: Considerations for the Assault Raffle, and additional notes

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This assault raffle idea is interesting, but I have some questions:

1. Are there any unconstitutional statutory prohibitions on it, i.e. is it “illegal?” That it might be so is not an insuperable obstacle in my view, but it needs to be looked at.

Federally – Only if the winner lives in a different state from the one the weapon was purchased in, and that’s assuming that you don’t want the winner to fill out ‘the yellow form’ (the ATF Form 4473) and go through a ‘guilty til proven innocent’ background check.

State-wise – It varies from state to state. Each state coordinator will have to check the gun restrictions in his/her home state.

2. Is there anyone willing to bankroll the prize in case it fails to generate sufficient income to cover the cost? I doubt this will happen, but I want to make sure.

This is why I’m planning to start off with a low-cost mil-surplus bolt-action such as a Lee-Enfield or Mauser 98k – so I can do this and have the weapon available for display. (Right now, I also have credit cards to pay off, so the FAL or AK option isn’t feasible AT PRESENT.)

Also, I’d like to do it as a ‘rolling raffle’ – as one prize is awarded, to pick up another, or to start with one gun and end up with several available for awarding.

And I’d like to arrange Neil drawing at least one winning ticket and awarding a prize. I plan on the first drawing being at the 2002 LPNM convention.

3. Do we have a volunteer to administer it? I have privacy concerns relating to the FEC angle, so I’d like to see it done as follows:

a. A volunteer runs the operation.
b. All signators to the petition automatically get one entry.
c. Purchases of additional entries are made via the volunteer, NOT via the treasurer.

What I mean by this last, and I’ll use Mike Blessing for convenience’s sake as our hypothetical volunteer, is this:

1. Mike compiles the list of entries and makes the drawing.

2. Purchased entries are made by arrangement with Mike, who will reimburse himself or whoever puts up the prize for the costs involved from the proceeds

3. Mike would then transfer the “net profit” to the campaign’s e-gold account (we’re presumably running this via e-gold).

Here’s what I have in mind:

Each signature gets a person one entry in the raffle. Further entries will be 1FRN for one, 2FRN for 3, and 5FRN for 10. Duplicate signatures void ALL entries, PLUS the person is barred from re-entering. (Is there a mechanism through for removing duplicate sigs?)

This could also work for off-line signatures. (I advocated this as a way to get sigs for this minor-party drive that we in LPNM have going now. “Crazy Mike,” they said.)

That way, if the FEC comes after us (which I hope they do), and if they somehow manage to get the campaign account’s records (which I hope they don’t), the donations made for raffle entries don’t reveal names of donors, just Mike’s name. They’d have to get to Mike’s records to get the names of the donors. This, of course, puts Mike at risk, but helps us keep to our anonymity/privacy commitment.

I’ll give it to them, but they won’t be able to read it without taking said list to Ft. Meade and running it through the NSA’s Crays for a while. LOL (Encrypting it twice or three times should make this interesting.)

It would be even funnier if when the FEC jackboots show up, I destroy the records right in front of them and hand them the ashes. (Most likely I’ll zap a hard-drive or disk with a stun-gun. LOL LOL)

Another raffle opportunity would be for a free autographed copy of _Lever Action_. For that matter, I think I may see about instituting the book as a “donor premium” for all those who give a set minimum donation if they’re willing to accept the risk of having me see their name and address and possibly remember it if my fingernails are being pulled out. $50? $76?

What about offering copies of Neil’s other books as door prizes, premiums or raffle prizes? Or books by other libertarian SF writers? (Victor Milan, F. Paul Wilson, James P. Hogan and Heinlein come to mind here.)

The more goodies you offer, the more people will enter.

I’ve been busy with the new baby and all, but I want to kick this campaign up HARD around the 4th of July. We need to generate a LOT of signatures, get a LOT of books in a LOT of libraries, and get a media strategy going to generate LOTS of publicity. I want the “aura of inevitability” to descend on the LP nomination over the next couple of years, so that we can go into the 2004 convention as the front runners.

I’ll tell you all this right now, and I’ve already said it on the LPUS list: the most an LP presidential candidate has ever polled is 920,000 votes. If we go to the 2004 LP convention with a million signatures already in pocket, the LP would be INSANE not to proffer the nomination. I think that that can be made to happen if we harness our imaginations and strike some sparks. The “assault raffle” might help; talk radio can work for us, although it’s not the panacea that the Browne Campaign sold it as.

So who else do you have in mind to speak up for this effort?

And what about publicity stunts? I recommend reading David Alexander’s book _How You Can Manipulate the Media_, available from Paladin Press.


We have 3 years, from this July 4th to the July 4th (if past history holds true) of the 2004 convention. That’s something under 1100 days, so we need to AVERAGE more than 900 signatures PER DAY during that period. That’s a lot, but it can be done. I’m going to work up a printable petition sheet for people to work with offline … and it will damn well be available at any event I work. Ditto for brochures — we need to get them done and available for download in PDF format or as graphics.

Cool – we’re always petitioning for SOMETHING in NM – right now it’s minor party status…. Check back with me on 28/29 May – I should have something that might dovetail nicely with this project.

– Mike Blessing / The Sedition Group

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